The Uber Experiment partners with Huffington Post to introduce and promote your company, product or startup to millions

The Uber Experiment Business Reality Show is an official partner of HuffingtonPost - World’s largest newspaper, delivering top news and opinion to 7.8 million monthly readers. The Uber Experiment episodes are digitally broadcasted and coupled with exclusive advertorial articles in the Entertainment section of The HUFF. Advertorial includes a detailed episode article with sponsored promo graphics and text adverts with full backlinks. 
The Uber Experiment reality show believes in sharing powerful stories and knowledge with the world, whether it's a startup, a professional, kickstarter campaign or an established company reenforcing their brand. Our promotional and marketing packages will give the instant credibilty you desire in the fastest form of marketing, video. 
If you're wanting to present and position your product in front of intelligent young spenders, our mixed demographic has you covered. 

Options, Options, Options

The Uber Experiment is a reality show focused on business, ideas and passion. Think Shark Tank meets Cash Cab on wheels. Learn more about the show here.
We provide several packages to increase brand recognition and increase traffic throughput. Whilst we offer sponsored episode packages, it is highly recommended to have a representative of your company film an episode with our Serial Entrepreneur & Host Marcin Migdal which has proved to be 900% more effective than SEO or SEO Plus sponsored packages on their own.

During the filming of the show our post production and direction will ensure your representative is comfortable on camera and appears professional and articulate when speaking about our company, brand or product. 
Episodes receive a week long promotional blitz campaign on our social and video channels covering 60 000+ followers. Concluding on the Huffington Post episode article with sponsor backlinks. The blitz includes release of up to 5 episode video teasers which are sponsor backlinked and shared across our social media platforms. 
The episode videos and all promotional materials associated will be in circulation forever and appear everywhere The Uber Experiment will be  distributed. This includes Roku Box, Netflix, BellFibe, CrackleTV, CraveTV and overseas platforms. Sponsors would receive residual exposure without spending additional dollars. 

The Uber Experiment outperforms all PR and Advertising venues