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Sponsorship Opportunity

We’re offering a consistent high-exposure branding opportunity centered around a finance and business oriented reality series geared to a young, fresh audience wanting the entreprenerial lifestyle. The Uber Experiment advertising model includes high production video marketing, high traffic brand exposure with guest endorsements, non intrusive product placement and social media campaigns.

The Uber Experiment distribution and broadcast model includes television, Youtube, Netflix, Roku, Hulu and future distributors. Episodes and sponsors are featured in advertorials on Huffington Post, MONEY Magazine and press releases. The show is formatted for digital and television distribution with episode runtime of 20 - 45 minutes. This includes pre-roll trailers, sponsored advertising and product placement. 

Viewership & Appeal

The Uber Experiment is original, inventive with immense passion and energy. The charismatic host provides a fresh and relatable approach to business education and entrepreneurial culture.

With the core demographic of 22-54 year olds, The Uber Experiment strongly appeals to a young audience seeking the ultimate lifestyle and viewers of Shark Tank, Undercover Boss and Dragon's Den- expect to be informed and entertained. The topics of conversation include small business and career advice, failure and success stories, investment strategies and recommended resources.  

Audience Opportunities

We provide non intrustive ways of reaching massive audiences with your brand or product.

The Uber Experiment offers a consistent high-exposure branding opportunity centered around a business reality show. Advertising includes high profile guest endorsements, product placements, giveaways and social media campaigns.  Let's chat to disucss the needs of your sponsorship, advertising or product placement.

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